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Here's a tip, if a cell is about half your size, that's when you can engulf them.
5 days ago
Fun Fact, The Didinium and Paramecium are a textbook example of a predator prey relationship that has been studied for decades, now, are you the Didinium or the Paramecium? Predator or Prey?
5 days ago
Every time you reproduce, you will enter the Microbe Editor, where you can make changes to your species (by adding, moving, or removing organelles) to increase your species' success. Each visit to the editor in the Microbe Stage represents 100 million years of evolution.
5 days ago
Each generation, you have 100 mutation points (MP) to spend, and each change (or mutation) will cost a certain amount of that MP. Adding and removing organelles costs MP, however removing organelles that were placed in the current mutation session refunds MP for that organelle. You can remove an organelle by right-clicking on it. You can rotate your organelles with A and D.
5 days ago
Prokaryotic Structures

Metabolosomes: Produces ATP from glucose

Chemosynthisizing Proteins: Produces half of the glucose out of Hydrogen Sulfide as a chemoplast, but also performs glycolysis, takes up 1 Hex

Thylakoids: Produces 1/3rd the amount of glucose as a normal chloroplast, but also performs glycolysis, and takes up 1 Hex

Rusticyanin: Converts iron into ATP

Nitrogenase: Converts atmospheric nitrogen and ATP into ammonia anaerobically

Cytoplasm: Has storage space and performs glycolysis (Produces small amounts of ATP)






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