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MICROBE_STAGE_INITIAL On a distant alien planet, eons of volcanic activity and meteor impacts have lead to the development of a new phenomenon in the universe.


Simple microbes reside in the deep regions of the ocean. You are the last universal common ancestor (LUCA) on this planet.

To survive in this hostile world, you will need to collect any compounds that you can find and evolve each generation to compete against the other species of microbes.
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MICROBE_STAGE_CONTROL_TEXT To control your cell use the keys shown near your cell (center of screen) and the mouse to control the cell orientation.

Try all of the keys for a few seconds to continue.
MICROBE_STAGE_COLLECT_TEXT Collect glucose (white clouds) by moving over them.
Your cell needs glucose in order to produce energy to stay alive.
Follow the line from your cell to nearby glucose.
MICROBE_STAGE_HEALTH_TEXT Keep an eye on your health bar next to the ATP bar (bottom right).
Your cell dies if it runs out of health.
You regenerate health while you have ATP.
Make sure to collect enough glucose to produce ATP.
MICROBE_STAGE_REPRODUCE_TEXT In order to reproduce you need to duplicate all of your organelles by collecting enough ammonia and phosphates.
Look at the indicator in the bottom right to see how much more you need.