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EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_16 Here's a tip, prepare before adding a nucleus. Those things are expensive! In upkeep and up front cost.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_17 Fun Fact, Did you know that there are over 8000 species of ciliate on planet earth?
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_18 Fun Fact, The Stentor is a ciliate that can stretch itself and catch prey in a kind of trumpet like mouth that draws prey in by generating water currents with cilia.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_19 Fun Fact, The Didinium is a ciliate that hunts paramecia.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_20 Fun Fact, The Amoeba hunts and catches prey with 'legs' made of cytoplasm called pseudopods, we want to eventually have those in Thrive.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_21 Here's a tip, Watch out for larger cells and large bacteria, it's not fun to be digested, and they will eat you.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_22 Thrive's sound team lead has made many songs that have not been added to the game yet. You can hear them, or watch streams of him composing on his YouTube channel, Oliver Lugg.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_23 Here's a tip, if your cell is 150 hexes, you can engulf the large iron chunks.
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_24 Thrive is meant as a simulation of an alien planet, therefore it makes sense that most creatures you find will be related to one or two other species due to evolution happening around you, see if you can identify them!
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_25 Fun Fact, The Thrive team does podcasts every so often, you should check them out!
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_26 Fun Fact, Thrive is made with the open source Godot engine!
EASTEREGG_MESSAGE_27 Fun Fact, One of the first playable game-play prototypes was made by our awesome programmer, untrustedlife!
MOVE_LEFT Move left
MOVE_RIGHT Move right
MOVE_FORWARD Move forward
MOVE_BACKWARDS Move backwards
AUTO_MOVE_FORWARDS Auto move forwards
FIRE_TOXIN Fire toxin